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Wolf Link
Midna and Wolf Link.png
Full Name Wolf Link
Species Wolf
Alliances Midna, Princess Zelda
Character Traits
Personality Type(s) Naive
Talent(s) Able to run fast, can howl, bites enemies, attacks with tail


Wolf Link is the wolf form of Link that made it's first and only debut in The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess. Link transforms into this form when he encounters the Twilight or by absorbing Zant's dark magic. In this form, Midna usually hops onto his back and rides him. Midna can allow him to warp to other areas in this form.

When Link is in this form, he is able to use to senses to see what he can't normally see, dig in soft spots in the ground, run faster than he would as a human, and howl near reeds and howl stones. Also, Link is able to cooperate with Midna as a wolf to reach higher places and defeat more enemies at once.