Hello guys! Me and Blossom have decided to have a rumor blog here!

Please use the form below to e-mail a rumor you have heard about video games. We will post your rumor here and tell if it is false or true.

If you comment a rumor, then it will it get deleted. We will tell you once and only one, USE THE FORUM!

Name = Pikachu
Email = N/A
Rumor = I heard Pikachu can turn into a bad egg in Pokemon x
True or False? = False.

Name = Puppy
Email = N/A
Rumor = So heard you can get real Pepsi out of video games. O3o
True or False? = False.

Name = N/A
Email = N/A
Rumor = How do you get special Pokemon?
True or False? = By either using using an Action Reply or actually participating in an event that gives out special Pokemon.

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