As a note, I don't wish for this blog to be as first thought "Yay another dramatic blogpost about how messed up we are and more accusations :D!". Because--well, it's not. I plan for this blog to be different. And I just want you guys to hear what I'm saying.

I think the problem in the past is we've all being going about this the wrong way. There's so much tension going on and just fighting, and multiple accusations and "YOU AREN'T GETTING BETTER, YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS" and "QUIT CAUSING DRAMA" etc. No progress. At all.

So, this will be my final words. I know it's been stated previously, but I truly believe--you guys need to hear this.


I can't leave you guys like this, I can't SEE you guys like this. You're my home wiki. Just--hear me out, okay? I'm not returning--not yet at least. I just think--this needs to be said. I'm not trying to point fingers, or cause accusations. In fact, I'm hoping to do the opposite.

First point I'd like to point out.

Just as a reminder, and Wikia itself states this, in its own context, of course:

  • Rights are RIGHTS. As in, you've proven yourself worthy, the wiki needs assistance in this area, you're best candidate, use it with honor because you don't have to have them. It's an honor system to HELP THE WIKI, not HELP YOURSELF. They aren't RANKS.

And remember

  • EVERYONE IS EQUAL. No matter if you're "righted" or not. Just because you have a star next to your name doesn't make you higher or lower, better or worse than any other user there. You're simply another user on that great big wiki but you have higher responsibilities. Like an older sibling (e-e). There are folks who take charge (ish), but only because it's a right. Pretty much, anyone could be in that position. It's promotions/demotions, etc. THAT'S what it is.

  • Incorporate cooperation in the wiki. You're a "wiki" because you're an established community on a website you're doing your best to keep running. You're welcoming to new users and help them feel right in, almost as if they'd always been there (not like you ignore 'em or don't give them welcoming attention but like "Comon in and join the fun!") It's how we used to be. You accepted a freaked-out internet-naive young girl who was confused on everything, and accepted her enough so that nearly one year later, she remained.
  • Take initiative. There's been this discussion before. "We can get our wiki back!" "Let's repair ourselves!" and everyone's like YEAH but the next day *shwoop* nothing's changed. We were fairing better with Eric reigning, we faired BEST May 2014 and before. And it proves he really did succeed with bringing us down.
  • It's all our responsibilty to build this place back up.  There's not one sole person/one sole group who's causing this. Pointing fingers is pure idiocy (I'm quite guilty as well, and I do apologize for so) and one of the reasons that we're getting absolutely no where. As my 1st grade music teacher said, one finger's pointing at them but you've got 3 fingers pointing at you (try pointing at something and see :P). Step out of yourself for a minute, pretend you're an onlooker watching you. What are some things you can improve on? Things you can fix? Things that are just "" Etc.

Just--kind of get what I'm saying?

I love you guys just need to be a collabrative community again. There's still hope. It doesn't have to end like this. With everyone fighting, tension arising, folks pulling out their hair or rage-quiting. You can prove that what Eric did to us won't succeed. You're strong. You've been strong since 2013. Don't let one instance change that.

You can do this.


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