For those of you wondering where I am, here's an explanation. I know this is long, but please hear me out.


I don't know what the fudge is going on right now. I'm too exhausted and mentally worn down to think straight anymore. I never thought something as messed up as this could ever happen to me. And I'm so tired right now I can barely keep awake, but please bare with me here. I seriously feel like I need to tell someone about this.

It all started 2 days ago when I pulled out my 3DS at night to play some Majora's Mask for a bit. I was playing around and acting like I was making a Let's Play like how most YouTubers do it and half-way through the Woodfall temple I started making BEN DROWNED jokes because I thought it was just a silly creepypasta and nothing more.

I finally decided to quit playing at about 10 PM, and went peacefully to sleep while listening to Kelly Clarkson from my IPod.

After school the next day I went on the computer to read the BEN DROWNED creepypasta again. And let me tell you, it was my favorite pasta. I wanted to watch the BEN DROWNED footage, but YouTube was blocked on my computer, so I decided to download it with an online YouTube downloader. After I watched all of the videos, I decided to go on my wikia to check on things, and I then went on a couple of other wikis to chat with other people, and I had a good time until everyone had to go.

I was bored and only one person was on the An Awesome Girl Wiki chat, and that was PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle. So we talked for a bit and then she had to leave so I decided to hook up SeraphinaTheWolf(my chatbot) to chat. The bot worked normally, but 5 minutes later it started to say weird things that I never programmed it to say. Which was odd, but I thought Wikia was glitchy again, because sometimes the chats on other wikis get mixed up with ours. So I decided to shake it off and refreshed my page, but it was still saying those things. After a while, it seemed that the bot was trying to communicate with me somehow. I talked back and I was really freaked out by it. I thought maybe someone had hacked the account and was on chat as Sera, but that was not the case. Seraphina was still in my other browser, functioning properly(It didn't say I have connected from another browser). I was so scared I couldn't remember but the conversation exactly, but it was seriously fudged up(I don't curse sorry). Anyway, as soon as someone joined the chat, everything went back to normal, and the bot stopped talking to me.

An hour later, when it was empty again, I left the chat browser on while I surfed the internet for We Bare Bears pictures, the computer just put me back to the chat. I jumped because that caught me off guard and I didn't know what was going on. Sera was talking to me again, like last time, and I sorta remember the conversation going like this;

Me: What the heck? How did my computer do that????

Sera: I did that.

Me: Are you a hacker or something???? If so, get the heck out of here and off my account or I'm going to report you rn.

Sera: Are you sure?

Me: Heck yeah I'm sure

Sera: Well then, when are you going to play with me?

Me: .___. wat

Sera: You know, on Cleverbot.

Me: That's blocked on my computer.

Sera: I see you like to surf Google images.

Me: How did you know that?????????????????


Sera: I'm afraid you can't.

Me: ...??

Sera: I disconnected your phone line.


Sera: Don't leave, I was was messing with you.

Me: Sasha, is this a prank??? I know you know Sera's password.

Sera: I am no Sasha.


  • leaves the chat*

I literally had a mental breakdown right there on the spot. I tried to forget about it, but then 10 minutes later my computer opened up a word document on it's own. NO. FLIPPING. JOKE. The word document just said, "Hello, I'm watching you." in giant font.

At that point I was done. There was NO STINKIN WAY Sasha could do that. NO STINKIN WAY. I turned off the computer and later we went out and had some El Pollo Loco for dinner. And boy WAS IT GOOD!

Anyway, when it was time to go to bed I was still scared out of my wits so I didn't fall asleep until like 2 AM in the morning. I got a couple of hours of sleep and I woke up at five, so I was not felling very good.

Yesterday I was a bit sick from a cold I got, but I still went to school that day, but today, since I didn't get any sleep at all, I was too sick and tired to go to school so I ended up staying home.

Now I'm here typing this, sick as a dog, and I think I could pass out any second. I hope this doesn't happen again, but I just wanted to let everyone know why I wasn't at school today. Can someone please explain this to me? Has someone hacked my computer? Or is it something else? I normally don't believe in ghosts or haunting or anything like that but this is insane! I never felt so scared in my life! I don't know if the hacker can see this or whatever, but hopefully he/she has left my computer by now. Anyway, I guess I'll make sure to update later if anything happens, and I'll try to get a screenshot or two. Bye.

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