Hello guys! I mainly did this just so people could know me better! Alright, here I go!

  2. I am a really good artist and writer, so yeah.
  3. My favorite fandoms and shows are FNAF, Pokemon, Zelda, Teen Titans, Grim Adventures, Homestuck(new to it), Total Drama, and MLP.
  4. I am secretly goth. Yeah, I am.
  5. My favorite characters(from each fandom I listed above) are Foxy and Mangle, Zorua, Midna, Raven, Grim and Mandy, Rose, Gwen, and Luna and Twilight.
  6. My favorite food is Sushi, and my favorite drink is Root Beer or Iced Tea.
  7. I always try to be as perfect as I can be in every way. I just can't help it, I like trying my best. >.<
  8. I am sometimes the craziest person I know, while sometimes I'm the serious one. I am weird like that. 'Twas deal with it.
  9. I am the ultimate shipper. Yes, I am lol.
  10. Blossom supports any random statement you shall say. :truestory:

So, yeah, there it is, enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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