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Hello to all the people who are looking at my page right now! PurplePuppyLove here, a fellow Wikian who wants to help and contribute to Wikis. Mostly you'll find me on the chat, if not you'll find me on Animal Jam or sitting in my bed watching TV(lol). If you need to talk to me, you can message me on my userpage. Don't worry, I don't bite(But my dog does)! My favorite color is purple or blue and I love soda. I hope you enjoy readiny my lovely userpage! <3

About Me[]

  • My favorite soda is Pepsi~
  • Vaporeon lover forever! I mean she's just SO AWESOME! (XD Rainbow Dash)
  • By the way, my favorite MLP:FIM character is Fluttershy. :3
  • TBA, bye~

Also, it might get boring when editing. Here you go...

No need to thank me.