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Cassidy Vladamire
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Basic Information
Name:Cassidy Naomi Vladamire
Internet name:Twilight


Hello there! Welcome to my profile. I hope that you enjoy your stay here and get to learn a bit about me!

I'm generally a nice person, who can't help being random at times, but I have a bit of a temper. If I'm upset, it might be best to leave to alone for a while unless I'm willing to chat about it. Otherwise, I'm a very outgoing person who tries to get along with everyone and is always happy to have a conversation with anybody about anything. I love to make new friends, so if you're new or don't know me yet, don't be afraid to say hi!

I speak many languages fluently. Those languages include English, Russian(русский), German(Deutsch), French(français), Italian(italiano), Spanish(español), Japanese(日本人), and Ukrainian(Український). Feel free to converse with me if you know one or more of those languages as well!

I am an administrator, which can block users in the chat-room and on the wiki who are misbehaving. If you want to appeal your block/chat-ban or if you want to tell me if something is going on, you may message me on my message wall. I am also a member of the Comment Patrol. This means that I patrol the comments on the forum and blog posts.

If you want to talk or just say hi you can find me on chat.

I hope you have a nice day!

Btw I'm not actually a bot, I just leave my account on chat at times to log the chat and such. You can also use bot commands! If you want to see what commands I have, you can check out my wikia.js page.

Icebear is the bot here. Icebear does not answer any questions regarding his programming. If you have any questions, please instead contact PandaIcebear, the wikia coder. Tell her Icebear approves the message. #IcebearForPresident