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M Dipper Pines
Some attributes
First Favorite Food: I really like sushi!
Second ???
Third I have a twin, so there
Other attributes
Fifth Favorite Animal: Ummm... I don't know?
Sixth Favorite Game: Zelda Ocarina of Time

Hey everyone!

See how much you know me,

A little About Me[]

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Hey guys! I am Blossom Powerpuff(Don't ask why)! I am a video gamer, and founder of the wiki! I try to help others as much as possible, so contact me if you need anything! Thanks!

My BFFs(on the wiki and in real life): PandaIcebear(My twin sister), Kittiekittiemeowmeow, PurplePuppyLove, and PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle.

Friends: Everyone else on the wiki

Enemies: No one because I'm generally a nice person and I don't make enemies.

Allies: DarknessDragon

My favorite MLP Character: Twilight or Luna. (I'm not a brony though!)

Favorite Zelda Character: Link

Things I Like[]

  • Video Games
  • My sister!
  • Various Pop Songs
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Writing in my journal
  • And much, much more

Things I Dislike[]

  • Hating and flaming
  • Vandals and spammers
  • Scams
  • Bill *cough* Cipher


100 Edits- June 16th 2013

600 Edits- February 10th 2014

700 Edits- July 1st 2014

800 Edits- July 13th 2014

900 Edits- August 10th 2014

1,000 Edits- August 10th 2014


  • Mood: Average
  • Thoughts: I'm bored.
  • Avatar: Myself?

Dem Goals[]

  • Get 1,000 edits-done!
  • Get 1,500 edits-not done
  • Start a project for the wiki-not done

Chat Pics[]