This page is for nominating pages for Featured Article status.

To nominate a page, users must create a sub-section on this page under the heading of Nominations. Users will then discuss and evaluate the page's suitability as a Featured Article. If successful, it will be listed at An Awesome Girl Wiki:Featured Article and will be recognized on the Main Page! If rejected, the template must be removed from the article in question and the discussion closed.

Rules[edit source]

Articles nominated for Featured Article status should follow these rules:

  1. It must have been written primarily by An Awesome Girl Wiki users. No articles copied directly from other sites, such as Wikipedia, may be nominated.
  2. It must be factually correct, with no false information.
  3. It must be at least a few paragraphs in length.
  4. If an article has already been a Featured Article, it cannot be nominated again

Procedure[edit source]

  1. Every discussion must stay open for at 5 days.
  2. At least three users must participate in order for a nomination to succeed.
  3. A positive consensus must be reached in order for a nomination to succeed. No vote weighs more than another.
  4. Nominations must be closed by an administrator.
  5. A Featured Article must stay a Featured Article for at least 30 days. If a new Featured Article is determined before the 30 days are up, then the results of the discussion will be enforced once the 30 days are over.  

Nominations[edit source]

Nominate a page to be a Featured Article in this section. All nominations must be posted below this line.

Bowser Jr.[edit source]

I think that Bowser Jr. should be the next featured article. —Mandy You shall all pay

Support[edit source]

  1. As poster above.  —Mandy You shall all pay

Oppose[edit source]

Conclusion[edit source]

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