The An Awesome Girl Wiki Chat is a feature on the wiki where users can talk in real time to other users. The chat is designed to give members of the community a place to talk about anything, even topics not relating to Awesomeness or the wiki. It serves as a social hub and lets users get to know each other better.


As with the rest of the site, the chat feature has its own rules and guidelines. All of the main site policies remain in effect on the chat, including:

  • Practice open-mindedness and assume good faith
  • Be nice
  • No personal attacks

In a social setting, these key guidelines are even more important. Please avoid vulgarity and swearing, and do not persistently use ALL CAPS as this indicates shouting (and shouting all the time is rude and annoying).

Chat also has some additional rules of its own. These are:

  • Please do not use excess emoticons in chat.
  • Shipping wiki members are not allowed in any way, shape or form.
  • Caps are allowed, but more than 2 lines of text in caps may result in consequences.
  • Do not troll or tease other users. Trolling is when you make fun of other users, or do things just to get them upset. This is completely unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.
  • Do not abuse bot commands.
  • Do not post ANY inappropriate links in chat.
  • Cursing is allowed. Just don't go overboard.
  • Any subjects that typically cause flame wars should be avoided.
  • If a user requests that you stop doing something, then you are required to stop unless there is a good reason you should continue. Also, if a user continually makes unreasonable requests, then the situation will be resolved by an admin.
  • Please do not give away personal information, either about yourself or anyone else.
  • Do not use the main chat for roleplaying. We only have one chat feature, and using it for roleplaying means that other editors cannot use it. If you would like to roleplay, please take it somewhere else or use the private message feature of the chat.
  • Please do not use the chat to advertise. If you want to share links with the community on chat, give a description about what you are linking to.
  • Try to avoid making multiple posts to say one thing. Doing this excessively is considered spam.
  • Keep the chat appropriate: Deliberately avoid disturbing topics.
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her account. If the account is used to violate policy, appropriate measures will be taken, such as kicking, banning, or even blocking. All users have the responsibility to ensure that their account is not misused by hackers, siblings, friends, or anyone else who might use the account to violate policy. We strongly advise that everyone makes sure to use strong passwords and logs out when leaving the computer.
  • Do not pretend to be another user.

These rules are enforced both by the wiki's admins and specially-appointed users called chat mods. Admins and chat mods have the ability to ban users on chat, meaning that they are indefinitely (but reversibly) prevented from using the chat feature. Users who break the rules will be warned in the first instance, and may be 'kicked' if they continue to break the rules after warnings. A kick will cause the user's window to close and refresh, which is also helpful if the user is experiencing connection issues.

If you wish to dispute a warning you have been given, do so calmly and politely. Arguing is counter-productive, and may lead to the ban you're trying to avoid.

If you've been banned and you want to oppose the decision, you can still contact an admin on their talk page. Do not involve other users, but explain to an admin what happened and why you feel the ban should be overturned. The admin will consider your case and respond in due time.

If you witness rule breaking when no admin or chat mod is present, copy and paste the text from the chat window onto the talk page of an administrator. They will investigate.

We hope to see you on the chat soon!


Emoticons are images that are used on the chat to express emotions, and various other purposes. The An Awesome Girl Wiki has a system where anyone (who meets the edit requirements to get on chat) can request for an emoticon to be added to the chat. Only administrators can add emoticons, so that if an emoticon is deemed too inappropriate for chat, they will not add it. Emoticons also have certain restrictions. The following are additional rules regarding chat emoticons:

  • Emoticons must be 19 pixels by 19 pixels or smaller. Any emoticon above this size may not be added to chat.
  • Emoticons must comply with our art policies. For more information, see our policy page.
  • Emoticons may not have above five triggers dedicated to it.
  • Emoticons that are of poor image quality will not be added.
  • If the users on chat feel that an emoticon is being used in a fashion that break our policies, it will be removed.

A list of emoticons can be found at MediaWiki:Emoticons.

Chat Moderation

Our chat moderation staff ensures a rule-abiding chat is intact. A chat moderator can kick or ban users from chat. If you do not abide by our rules, you may get kicked/banned.

Active Chat Moderators

User Message Wall Edit count
PurplePuppyLove Message Wall:PurplePuppyLove Special:Editcount/PurplePuppyLove

Administrators have chat moderator rights by default. They may also kick and ban users from chat. Administrators may also block a user from the entire wiki.

Active Administrators

User Message Wall Edit count
This user is also a bureaucrat


Message Wall:PupCakes Special:Editcount/PupCakes
This user is also a bureaucrat


Message Wall:DarknessDragon Special:Editcount/DarknessDragon
This user is also a bureaucrat
Message Wall:Kittiekittiemeowmeow Special:Editcount/Kittiekittiemeowmeow

This user is also a bureaucrat

Message Wall:RainingMelody Special:Editcount/RainingMelody
PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle Message Wall:PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle Special:Editcount/PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle
GrizzGrizzly Message Wall:GrizzGrizzly Special:Editcount/GrizzGrizzly


A bot is a piece of software that makes automated edits on a wikia and also helps human users to make semi-automated edits. Bots are most often used in short runs to make repetitive edits to many pages, such as moving a group of pages to a new category, fixing links to disambiguation pages, or to search for misspelled words and replace them with correct ones. However, Chat bots are purposed for chat use.

Current Chat Bots

Bot Name Manager(s) Purpose
SeraphinaTheWolf Blossom Powerpuff Updating Chat Logs, commands for the purpose of entertainment
WolfyBot GrizzGrizzly Updating Chat Logs, commands for the purpose of entertainment
ShadowWolfBot GrizzGrizzly Updating Chat Logs
GoldenMayBot DarknessDragon Updating Chat Logs, commands for the purpose of entertainment
UmbreonBot PupCakes Updating Chat Logs, commands for the purpose of entertainment
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