[05:31] <リボン> Hello! I just got out of school! I am sorry, I have not spoken English recently, so I am not that good.
[05:32] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> That's okay! And hi!
[05:45] <GlaceShard> I'm so tired and i have school
[05:46] <GlaceShard> Well g'night guys &lt;3 
[05:46] <Blossom Powerpuff> Night!
[05:46] <リボン> Ttyl Glace
[05:46] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Good night
[05:46] <GlaceShard> Like oh my 
[05:47] <GlaceShard> It's twelve forty 0.0
[05:47] <リボン> lol WHAT
[05:47] <リボン> I jut got out of school
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Dang
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay
[05:47] <GlaceShard> Bai! o/ 
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Bye
[05:47] <リボン> Bya
[05:48] <GlaceShard> living in NY can suck
[05:48] <GlaceShard> But anyway, night friendos!
[05:48] <リボン> Living in Tokyo can suck lol
[05:48] <リボン> And seeya
[05:49] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Yeah
[05:49] <リボン> Like
[05:49] <リボン> You guys are going to bed by the time I get on
[05:49] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Well yeah
[05:49] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> But I live in Ari
[05:49] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> But my BF is in Nevada with his couis
[05:49] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Well for vacation 
[05:50] <リボン> Ah
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> So we have like an hour dif
[05:50] <リボン> Oh
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Yeah
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Anyway
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> He's not online I guess because reasons
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Because she isn't on
[05:50] <リボン> Who?
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> His cousin
[05:50] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> *PupCakes
[05:50] <リボン> Ohcool
[05:51] <リボン> Is he on here
[05:51] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Yeah
[05:51] <リボン> Cool
[05:51] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> *WolfLinkZelda
[05:51] <リボン> Oh ok
[05:51] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Yeah
[05:51] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Ryan you there?
[05:51] <H0rrible-excuse> No, I'm fucking dead.
[05:52] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Ok thx boi
[05:52] <リボン> u.u
[05:52] <リボン> I thought bad words weren;t
[05:52] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> They are now
[05:52] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Well we discussed it
[05:52] <リボン> Oh
[05:52] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> And younger kids don't rlly go on anyway
[05:53] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> So there's no point
[05:53] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Just don't cuss all the time
[05:53] <リボン> Ah ok
[05:53] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> And don't do it rudely
[05:53] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Yeah
[05:53] <リボン> Yeppp
[05:54] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> How is *cough cough*
[05:54] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Ryan
[05:54] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> How is *cough cough* (nikki)
[05:54] <H0rrible-excuse> SHE DIED.
[05:54] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> OH NO
[05:54] <H0rrible-excuse> YEAH.
[05:55] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> nu
[05:55] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> why
[05:55] <H0rrible-excuse> IT'S LONGER THAN FOREVER
[05:55] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Me-ow
[05:55] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> K
[05:55] <リボン> im bored
[05:55] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> So... you're a piece of wood...?
[05:56] <リボン> YEP
[05:56] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> OK FRIEND
[05:56] <リボン> YEPPER
[06:07] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Gtg, going to bed. Wbu guys
[06:08] <H0rrible-excuse> I don't sleep. I'm just browsing and shit.
[06:08] <H0rrible-excuse> On my blog.
[06:08] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Cool, well bye and night
[06:08] <H0rrible-excuse> Good night Cass.
[06:08] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Night
[06:08] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> (ill leave the bot on)
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> Oh sweet okay.
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> !on
[06:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Commands are already activated!
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> !note I hate my life.
[06:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Noted! Ice Bear will message it to you after your next message.
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> k
[06:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Note: I hate my life.
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> Ayyyy me too
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> !seen PupCakes
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> AUGH
[06:09] <H0rrible-excuse> !miss PupCakes
[06:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay! Ice Bear will message PupCakes that you missed him/her after he/she has messaged.
[06:10] <H0rrible-excuse> !miss my mom
[06:10] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay! Ice Bear will message my mom that you missed him/her after he/she has messaged.
[06:10] <H0rrible-excuse> !miss your mom
[06:10] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay! Ice Bear will message your mom that you missed him/her after he/she has messaged.
[06:10] <H0rrible-excuse> Ha!
[06:10] <Blossom Powerpuff> Good night. I'm going to hit the hay as well.
[06:11] <H0rrible-excuse> Mk see ya wouldn't wanna be ya
[06:11] <Blossom Powerpuff> o.O
[06:11] <Blossom Powerpuff> Night.
[06:11] <H0rrible-excuse> Hahah, night
[06:11] <H0rrible-excuse> Man
[06:11] <H0rrible-excuse> Im so loney
[06:11] <H0rrible-excuse> I'm gonna tumblr real quick
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> yeh
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> !ay
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> !waifu
[06:12] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Ice Bear loves you, H0rrible-excuse-senpai!
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> brb
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> tumblr
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> shades
[06:12] <H0rrible-excuse> ayyyy
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