[05:31] <リボン> Hello! I just got out of school! I am sorry, I have not spoken English recently, so I am not that good.
[05:32] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> That's okay! And hi!
[05:45] <GlaceShard> I'm so tired and i have school
[05:46] <GlaceShard> Well g'night guys &lt;3 
[05:46] <Blossom Powerpuff> Night!
[05:46] <リボン> Ttyl Glace
[05:46] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Good night
[05:46] <GlaceShard> Like oh my 
[05:47] <GlaceShard> It's twelve forty 0.0
[05:47] <リボン> lol WHAT
[05:47] <リボン> I jut got out of school
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Dang
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay
[05:47] <GlaceShard> Bai! o/ 
[05:47] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Bye
[05:47] <リボン> Bya
[05:48] <GlaceShard> living in NY can suck
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