[07:09] <WolfLinkZelda> hihihihihihihihihi
[07:09] <PupCakes> Wat.
[07:09] <Blossom Powerpuff> Lol
[07:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> hi
[07:09] <WolfLinkZelda> !miss PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle
[07:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Okay! Ice Bear will message PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle that you missed him/her after he/she has messaged.
[07:09] <WolfLinkZelda> lel
[07:09] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> god my hand is burning help
[07:10] <WolfLinkZelda> why
[07:10] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> i dont know...
[07:10] <Blossom Powerpuff> You should really get it checked out, this could be serious.
[07:10] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> i know im sorry
[07:10] <Blossom Powerpuff> Don't be.
[07:11] <WolfLinkZelda> why did iitnot work thoooo
[07:11] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> dont know
[07:11] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> i think it could be low blood sugar, i dont know....
[07:12] <Blossom Powerpuff> Dang.
[07:12] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> yeh
[07:21] <WolfLinkZelda> gtg
[07:21] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> bye
[07:21] <WolfLinkZelda> kbai
[07:21] <Blossom Powerpuff> Bye
[07:23] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> so yeah, i dont know whats happening
[07:23] <Blossom Powerpuff> Dang, hope it gets better tho.
[07:23] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> thanks
[07:23] <Blossom Powerpuff> No prob
[07:24] <PupCakes> !on
[07:24] <PrincessAlicornTwilightSparkle> Commands are already activated!
[07:24] <PupCakes> Ok
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