An Awesome Girl Wiki
  • Not posting in here for 1 week without notice -> Moved to Inactive List.
    • If you are put on the Inactive List, you may return as a normal member if there is a spot left.
      • If you go inactive a third time, you will be kicked for 3 weeks instead of being able to return back normally.
        • A fourth time, you are kicked for 2 months.
  • Continuing to not post in here for another week after put in Inactive List (but still posting around the rest of the forums) -> Kicked for one month.
    • There may be some exceptions, if you can prove to me you'll be active. But really, there's no point in disappearing like that without notice if you're still posting around the rest of the forums, except that you're just not interested in the group.
  • Not posting in this club OR the rest of the forums without notice for 3 weeks -> Put on the "Missing in Action" list instead of kicked.
    • If you go MIA, you may not return until you have remained active on the forums for two consecutive weeks or more after returning.
  • Anyone who is kicked or put on the MIA list must re-submit a form to join. You lose ALL unlockables you earned previously.